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Geekvape's VPU Technology Platform for an Exceptional Vaping Experience

BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Geekvape, a leader in the vaping technology market, introduces its latest technological solution - VPU. This platform integrates the latest advancements in fluid and thermal transmission, material safety, and advanced material research to offer a comprehensive solution to customers. The main advantages of VPU include improved vaping quality, enhanced safety, and controlled production processes.

BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Geekvape leverages its expertise in heating technologies, such as engraved heaters and continuous ceramic cores, combining this with capabilities in simulation testing, material micro-design, and device structure design. The heater, a key component in electronic atomization, directly affects the overall vaping quality. The heaters in the VPU are optimized using finite element analysis, infrared imaging technology, and aerosol particle size analysis, ensuring high flavor restoration, delicate texture, and consistent vaping performance.

According to aerosol composition tests, products utilizing VPU technology showed a 23.7% increase in vapor volume compared to other market products at the same puff count. Geekvape has also developed continuous non-wovens with high liquid conductivity and storage rate, significantly improving product quality and stability.

BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Geekvape adopts a comprehensive approach to raw material selection and ingredient testing to ensure VPU's safety. The company uses infrared imaging to monitor the temperature field of the heaters, ensuring safe heating performance. Additionally, extensive aerosol analysis has resolved issues with excessive condensation and liquid absorption, enhancing user safety.


The third element of the VPU is production process control, aiming to implement statistical control at every manufacturing stage to ensure batch-to-batch quality consistency. At the press conference, Geekvape showcased its highly automated production process with a 99.95% yield rate and a monthly production volume of 200 million.

Charles Li, Geekvape's product line executive, noted that the new Geekvape Q and Geekbar Meloso series comply with VPU standards. VPU focuses not on a single technology, but on a comprehensive solution for the atomization system, further advancing the vaping industry.

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